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Character Reference Example

This page is to give you an example of the kinds of references images you can provide that will be helpful for me while drawing your commission!

If you don't have every type of image, no worries! We can still work together to build a finished piece.


These are illustrations of my tiefling bard, Rowan. Important features: nose bump, tattoo sleeve, two pairs of horns, thick curly hair. She's 5'6", has an hourglass bodyshape, and a long tail with a crop of hair at the tip.

rowan ref.jpg

Finished character art can be helpful but sketches or doodles of what you're envisioning are just as valuable! Don't worry about level of artistry, that's what I'm here for! Anything you can offer to give me a sense of what you're looking for will make the process smoother.

When describing your character it also helps to give a description of their personality!

rowan doodle.jpg

 When describing your character make sure to mention any important features like body type, hair style/type/volume, distinguishing facial features, scars, and/or facial hair.

rowan body shape ref.jpg
rowan hair ref.jpg

Clothing references can be helpful even if they're not exactly what your character wears. Having a collection of pieces that fit the vibe you're looking for are a good place for me to start from.

For Rowan I wanted a long flowy skirt, a lantern sleeved shirt, and a high collar.

rowan clothes ref3.jpg
rowan clothes ref 5.jpg
rowan clothes ref.jpg

If you have a specific color palette in mind, feel free to share! You can also send me an image or description of the general vibe you're going for.

If you provide a specific color palette I'll stay within a similar range but I may make adjustments per my artistic judgement.

rowan color ref.jpg
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